Europe Driven To Suicide

I have compiled a statistical analysis of declining IQ in Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK) as a result of immigration and also made true shattered assumptions for real economic growth through immigration.

Statistical analysis is incredibly boring to read because it most concerns the figures and developments for herein over time, but as the figures point to be interesting informations of reality at best. Moreover, there are not so many unnecessary explanations or excuses, because the numbers defining the framework.

First, some critical information about how fertility women’s willingness and ability to bear children – unfortunately is treated throughout the mainland of Europe today. For ideology of equality and desegregation or so-called integration has made violence against a former quite well-defined and unconcerned concept. We now calculate some fertilityestimates and naming them fertility.

This is followed by IQ projections for the three countries where the immigrants are arranged in a smaller number of manageable groups by origin, fertility and IQ.

Then refer briefly the results of Arthur Robert Jensen’s research on g-factor (1998) and IQ and show the consequences of some examples of immigrants and their children.

The cost of welfare for immigrants and their children in Germany and Denmark revealed indirectly by the authorities’ own data using relative expense or equation.

Then demonstrate statisticallyeconomic analysis welfare consequences in terms the future if immigration continues in the three countries.

And finally, I review the conditions for economic growth with due account of the communities and businesses; companies are the only sources of financing welfare.

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2 thoughts on “Europe Driven To Suicide

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